Wang Deshun – ‘China’s Hottest Grandpa’

Wang Deshun has been making waves on the internet for a while now.

The 80-year-old actor, artist and model has had a long and varied career.


It was, however, as part of a recent fashion show, that images of the shirtless octogenarian went viral.

While it may be customary for men to retire at 60 and women at 50 in China, Wang Deshun feels like he’s just getting started.

He was born in 1936 in north-eastern Shenyang and started out as a streetcar conductor, then in a military factory,


A theatre actor in his 20s, he lost everything when he was in his 40s, becoming what he calls a ‘Beijing drifter’. These tough times became an inspiration for Wang Deshun to reinvent himself.

Shortly afterward he started working out and, very soon, work started coming in once more.  He now spends up to two hours in the gym every day to keep himself trim.

His recent runway success has led to a number of film roles, and he is becoming a household name in China.

I don’t work out for health, neither is it for longevity. It’s entirely for my work,” he said.

He’s even been the focus of a recent story in the New York Times.


So, never tell yourself that you’re too old to try something.