Today is World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. This annual event aims to raise awareness and support for mental health issues worldwide. Each year has a theme and this year’s theme is Mental Health in the Workplace.

World Mental Health Day began in 1992 at the behest of the World Federation for Mental Health. The day aims to promote awareness and education about mental health matters and to combat social stigma.

The World Health Organisation and national groups like the Mental Health Foundation and Aware.ie are doing their part to spread awareness of the day, while some countries such as Australia take the opportunity to spend a week raising awareness for mental health issues.

While this year’s theme is primarily centred on mental health in the workplace, groups like Young Minds are encouraging young people and their schools to get involved with the day, either by spreading the #HelloYellow hashtag on social media, reaching out to people they might know with depression or anxiety, or even just by wearing yellow as a sign that they’re ready to lend support to those who need it.

There is any number of things we can all do throughout the day to lend our support in raising awareness for World Mental Health Day and perhaps that should start with just asking the people around us how they’re doing, and being willing to really listen when they answer.


Ronan Daly

Ronan Daly is a writer who specialises in Technology and Science. With a Masters Degree in English, and over a decade's academic experience, Ronan has brought a breezy, learned style to My Good Planet, making occasionally complex material accessible and understandable to all.