World’s Best Father – the photography of Dave Engledow

A lot of guys want to lay claim to the title of being the best father on the planet.

Dave Engledow, however, has almost made it his trademark, thanks to a World’s Best Father coffee mug, which appears in all of his images.


Way back in 2012, Engledow created a small run of calendars, featuring himself and his (then baby) daughter Alice Bee.


The photos, a blend of clever staging and Photoshop, were such a hit that they went viral almost instantly.

World's Best Father 6

In the years that have passed since the original calendar was released, the World’s Best Father Facebook page and Tumblr have exploded with followers and fans alike.

World's Best Father 4

Tackling day-to-day parenting calamities, as well as referencing pop culture, Engledow has created a wealth of material which he hopes his daughter will enjoy in later years.

World's Best Father 2

Alice Bee is a little bit older now (recent Tumblr posts show her and her father involved in the Women’s March on Washington), but it doesn’t look like this dad has any intention of giving up the fun he’s having as a parent.

World's Best Father 1

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