Zauberfaden Floss – Vegan, biodegradable floss is coming

Zauberfaden Floss, the eco-floss, is the latest in a series of dental based Kickstarter projects from a German team of dental hygienists and entrepreneurs. 

Zauberfaden Floss is made in Germany and Italy, reducing carbon footprint and import process, making the supply chain more accountable and environmentally sensitive.

Zauberfaden Floss

Currently speeding towards their $30,000 goal (the team have raised over €400,000 on their other campaigns), it looks like one will go the distance as well.

We caught up with the founder of the project, Dr. Louis Bahlmann, who told My Good Planet that it wasn’t a single moment which inspired them to create a plastic-free, biodegradable product, but our whole disposable culture. “We are living in a world which is full of plastic, mostly everything is packaged environmentally unfriendly,” he says, “The reason for that? Cheaper packaging and better margin, usually on a cent basis. But the main tasks of packaging are protection, transport and information, which can be done equally by various materials, also eco-friendly ones.

Zauberfaden Floss

Working in such an environmentally friendly way has inspired the team to incorporate the same elements to their subsequent projects as well. “We think that´s the future,” confirms Dr. Bahlmann, “We cannot ban all the plastic from daily life, but we can ban a large part (of it). It´s development and it´s unstoppable. We want to go this way.”

As well as providing some great dental care on their page, one of the main USPs of the Zauberfaden Floss is the fact that it’s vegan.

Vegan products and plastic free packaging are a big step in the right direction, explains  Dr. Bahlmann, “This mindset is spreading, and more and more people gravitate towards eco-friendly products.”

Zauberfaden Floss

“Vegan products and paper instead of plastic packaging is the optimal solution.” – Dr. Louis Bahlmann, Zauberfaden Floss

One of the issues we raised during our conversation was how other product manufacturers, companies and consumers can become more environmentally aware. “I  think politics have a big responsibility,” offers Dr. Bahlmann, “The European Union has started to forbid more and more plastic products, like one-time (single use) dishes and nobody cared. If it exists, people will buy it, if not, they (have to) find other solutions. So, the next step should be to support ecofriendly packaging in other fields, for us that happens to be oral care products.”

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, and it certainly seems that it will be, the intent for the team is to get the product on shelves in 2019. “The drugstores and supermarkets know their responsibility, they really want to offer eco-friendly products to their customers,” says Dr. Bahlmann, “And a floss with a biodegradable packaging and exciting flavors are an expansion of their product offer.”

Find out more about the Zauberfaden Floss project on their crowdfunding page.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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