Zero Waste Christmas Present Wrapping Guide

This year we are determined to make a difference to the amount of waste we produce over the holidays, so we wanted to put together a Zero Waste Christmas present wrapping guide. 

The volume of Christmas waste annually around the globe is growing. Single-use plastic bows, ribbons, wrapping paper and glitter is adding to the devastating plastic waste problem our environment is facing.

We can each make a conscious effort to make our own changes and even inspire our family and friends to join us. We’ve covered Sustainable and Ethical gifts in the past (and have a new season coming in the next few weeks), but we thought it would be worthwhile to look at some cute and funky ways of presenting those gifts, which won’t cost the earth.

Our best advice for getting started on your zero-waste Christmas Wrapping is to simply use what you already have. A few weeks before the festive season take a tote-bag and start to gather materials, so you have plenty to choose from. Keep old maps, news-papers, brown paper shopping bags, fabric swatches, string, pretty paper and old magazines.

Recycling items you own will be a lot easier on the planet and a lot less in your own and other peoples waste bins (which can help save a fortune).

Zero Waste Christmas Wrap My Good Planet

Get creative, enjoy it, get your kids involved and pass on the message of reusing and re-purposing to them.

A good tip for adding finishing touches and beauty to your wrapping is to take a look outside in your backyard or garden. Berries, pine cones, dried autumn leaves, twigs are among a few ideas. These can add a really unique and special sense of individuality to your gifts.

If you don’t have access to these things use old buttons, beads, cinnamon sticks, baking doilies and even old costume jewellery.

Zero Waste Christmas My Good Planet

We love to incorporate part of the gift in the wrapping as in a reusable tote bag instead of the wrapping altogether (choose wisely). You can avoid buying things like plastic wrapped tags if you re-purpose last years Christmas cards as tags.

If you’re anything like me, Zero Waste Christmas present wrapping will soon become a minor obsession, and you might find yourself doing it for birthdays and other special occasions too.

You will, inevitably, if you are lucky, receive your own gifts which may not be environmentally wrapped but you can solve this issue by saving it for next year to use, some good forward planning!

Let the #zerowasteholidays begin!

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

Paula Mulvanerty is a community and social media manager, as well as writer and product reviewer for My Good Planet. From designing our social media content, from memes to aesthetic control, Paula has it covered. With a keen eye for funky, ethical products and services, Paula has been instrumental in discovering the best brands out there, which are highlighted and focused on site.